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About Us

We started Win Ventures because we felt that founders needed help like we did when we were founders ourselves. We invest and build the startup from a founders' viewpoint.

We adopt a founders first, capital gains second policy in which we work hand-in-hand with our founders to ensure that the startups are built properly, with a great foundation at its core and capable to scale fast and efficiently once product-to-market-fit is found.

Startups that Matter

We seek out startups that are meaningful and has the potential to improve the life of millions.

Building as Partners

We take active and hands-on approach with our founders. Sometimes, we step in as co-founders just to help you get off the ground.

Building Value

We believe in building a strong core foundation in tech, business model and team. We do not believe in throwing money at a problem.

Our Investment Areas

We are interested in business areas that promotes economic inclusion and enablement for small and micro enterprises.

E-Commerce Inclusion

Startups that build solutions to increase E-Commerce inclusion and participation from all levels of the small and micro enterprises.

Financing Inclusion

Startups that look at how financing can be achieved by all layers of the economy in a fast and efficient way.

People Inclusion

Startups that work to ensure talent availability and development for small and micro businesses.

Growth Inclusion

Startups that work on accelerating growth and enabling access to growth tools for small and micro enterprises.

Environment Inclusion

Startups that ensure that environment consideration is built into the growth of small and micro enterprises.

Future Inclusion

Startups that work on nascent tech that can one day be the cutting edge solutions for all small and micro businesses.

Why choose us?

There're many reasons why not choose us. But if you do, you will realize the value of having friends as investors in your startup journey.

You're Our Gem

We treat our portfolio like our own, we are always there everyday growing together.

Knowledge Transference

We impart our knowledge and experiences that help you avoid pitfalls. Imagine having people to spar ideas, brainstorm 24/7.

We Build Tech

Tech is in our blood. We have accelerated agile development programmes to get you from 0 to running in mere weeks.






Jobs Created


Customers Served

Some of Our Portfolio


Localio is the handmade culinary marketplace.


Jualio is the SME marketplace-as-a-service solution.


x0swap is interoperability platform for CBDCs.


Kokikit is the chef-as-a-service solution for F&B sector.


Travelcash is the digital money changer solution.


Travelmed is the travel medical concierge solution.


Tanamind is the hydroponics marketplace.


Codehouse is the tech-as-a-service solution for SMEs.


All of us were Founders and we understand the difficulties and intricacies of building a startup.

Andry Suhaili

Managing Partner

Sebastian Wijaya

Senior Partner

Tomi Tjoen


Yossi Aulia

Investment Associate